Japanese-Western Style Room

1~4 guests
Number of rooms
1 (Non-smoking)

A combination of Japanese and Western styles equipped with a twin bed and a 6-tatami mat space.
From the window, a refreshing view of the Tonami plains unfolds before your eyes. The interior of the room is handicap accessible, so you can use a wheelchair freely.
The bathroom is equipped with sliding doors, a jet bath, and a roomy washing area.
We recommend taking advantage of the spaciousness of this room with your family or as a group.

  • ※With 2 semi-double beds and 2 futon beds (to be used in the tatami area), the room can accommodate a maximum of 4 guests.
Bed type:
Simmons semi-double(W1200mm×D2030mm)
32-inch plasma TV, Wireless LAN with broadband, Warm water bidet toilet, Refrigerator mini-bar, Electric kettle & tea Bath

Amenity & Service


Toothbrush set/Body soap/Shampoo/Conditioner/Hair brush/Hair dryer/Bath towel/Hand towel/Samue (pajamas/robe) /Slippers

Services provided by front desk:

Taxi arrangement/Delivery and mail reception/Copies/fax delivery/Cleaning service/Massage service (preparations) /Morning newspaper service (fee required)

  • ※If you make a request when booking your reservation, we can prepare a morning newspaper from among the following: Nikkei Shimbun, Yomiuri Shimbun, Kitanippon Shimbun, Toyama Shimbun.

Amenities for loan:

Iron/Sewing set/Humidifier/Desk light/Extension cord/Cellular phone charger/Corkscrew/Wine opener/Thermometer/Water pillow/Nail clippers

  • ※For other amenities, please ask the front desk.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation fees are as follows:

No-show: 100% of rate
Same day: 80% of rate
1 day before: 50% of rate
2 days before: 20% of rate
Parties of 15 or more, 3~9 days before: 10% of rate